Why Are We Asking For Money?

Dear Areopagus Family,

Launching a school and running online classes can be expensive. Website costs, filing fees, curricula, books, marketing… you get the point.

At this point, one family has footed the bill for all of this, but those resources are drying up. We are, therefore, praying that God will send some people to help us financially. In the coming year we especially will need finances for:

  1. Marketing materials. We need to recruit families for our school and we need some materials to do that. We specifically need to purchase these booklets so that we can hand them out to parents at recruitment events.
  2. We need finances to file paperwork with the IRS so that we can pursue tax-exempt status. This paperwork costs about $850.
  3. We need to purchase curricula so we can choose the best materials for our school.
  4. We want to keep our online classes going indefinitely. It would be great if we could pay our instructors a small fee for the over 60 hours they put into an online course.

Those are our most immediate needs. Our financial needs will never end, however. In the future, we will need finances for teacher salaries and more curriculum and school supplies… and our tuition will only cover some of these costs.

We are, therefore, seeking partners who believe in this organization…partners that will start a recurring payment so that we will have a steady stream of resources in the future. That said, we do not just want to take from you. We want to give back to you as you give to us. Therefore, each recurring payment donator will be gifted a membership in our  Lyceum! We see this as a win-win for all involved, and we hope you will too!

Lyceum Membership and Donations

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