The Case for Christ

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering an online apologetics course for high school students and their parents (or other adults) during the spring of 2020. The course will explore Lee Strobel’s classic primer on Christian apologetics, The Case for Christ.

Through this book, students will explore the most serious challenges to the Christian faith, such as:

  1. Can the Gospels be trusted?
  2. Do the Gospels stand up to scrutiny?
  3. Were the Gospels reliably preserved for us, or were they changed over time?
  4. Is there credible evidence for Jesus outside of the Bible?
  5. Does archaeology confirm or contradict the Gospels?
  6. Is the historical Jesus the same Jesus the Church worships today?
  7. Did Jesus really claim divinity?
  8. Was Jesus insane?
  9. Did Jesus fulfill the attributes of God?
  10. Did Jesus, and Jesus alone, match the identity of the messiah?
  11. Did Jesus really die on the cross? Did he really rise from the dead?
  12. Was Jesus’ body really absent from the tomb?
  13. Was Jesus really seen alive after his crucifixion?
  14. Are there any outside facts that confirm the resurrection?

This asynchronous course is delivered via Google Classroom. Students will have weekly assigned reading and then will discuss the text with the course facilitator and fellow classmates on online discussion boards. Students should expect to spend two to four hours per week on the course.

The course will start on 10 JAN and run until 26 APR. On Friday, January 10th we will have and live viewing of the movie The Case For Christ to kick off the course. This event will be held in Surprise, AZ.

Cost: the course is free, but you must purchase the book.

Registration Steps:

  1. Click here to signup. 
  2. Purchase this exact edition of the book. It is very important that we all have the same edition of the text so that our page numbers line up.

That’s it!


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