Mere Christianity

Why We Believe This Course Is Important

About 70% of young Christians will lose their faith in college. Why? In many cases, it’s because these students don’t really know, logically speaking, why they believe in Christianity. Thus, when their faith is challenged in a secular environment (with no one to argue logically for Christianity), their faith crumbles.

This is an absolute tragedy because an incredibly strong and logical case can be made for Christianity. This is why we are offering this course. And while it will by no means be the end all be all of what high school Christians need to know, it will introduce them to Christian thought on an intellectual level. We believe this will better enable students to respond logically to faith challenges in college instead of simply abandoning the faith.

Beyond apologetics, this course will also facilitate a deep exploration of how a Christian should live their life. Lewis provides key insights into many of the major issues plaguing modern culture.


C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity is really a combination of three smaller books—The Case for Christianity, Christian Behavior, and Beyond Personality. These books were delivered as BBC radio talks in Britain during World War II. Together, these works comprise perhaps one of the most influential Christian books of all time.

In this course, we will spend 16 weeks diving into this book (that’s only about ten pages per week). We will start with The Case for Christianity, which is an enlightening introduction to apologetics. We will then turn to Christian Behavior, in which Lewis beautifully describes what a Christ-centered life ought to look like—and why so many Christian lives fall short. Lastly, we will explore Beyond Personality in which Lewis describes the Trinity, God’s relationship with humans, and more.


This asynchronous course is delivered via Google Classroom. Students will have weekly assigned reading and then will discuss the text with the teachers and fellow classmates on online discussion boards. There will also be a series of short talks. Here is an example:


This course is geared towards mature high school students who have not been afforded the opportunity to pursue a Classical Christian Education. Since most students will undoubtedly be busy with their normal workload, this course is designed to only take one to two hours per week to complete.


This course will run from 26 AUG 2019 to 20 DEC 2019.

Enrollment Options and Costs

Cost: This course is free. That said, students will have the opportunity to make a donation to Areopagus Classical Academy. All donations will be put towards helping Areopagus Classical Academy get off the ground. Unfortunately, donations are not tax-deductible at this time.

Students do have to, however, purchase this exact edition of the text (so that all of our page numbers align).


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