Lyceum Membership and Donations

(Why Are We Asking For Money?)

There are three major advantages to becoming a recurring supporter of Areopagus Education. First, we will gift you books…challenging books that will help you grow spiritually and intellectually. Second, we will gift you membership in our Lyceum. Lyceum membership grants you (+1 other) access to all of our community seminars and online classes. Lastly (and most important!), you will be funding the spread of classical and Christian education to both parents and students!

If you do not wish to become a donor, you may purchase a simple Lyceum membership here for $4.99 per month.

If you would rather give a one-time gift, you may do so here.

Donor Levels

The Lewis Level ($10/mo.)

CS Lewis

Lewis Level donors will receive three books a year (Summer, Spring, and Fall), as gifts, from Areopagus Education. These books will be used for our 2020-2021 Lyceum (online seminars). Donate here. Be sure to click “make this a monthly donation.”

2020-2021 Lewis Level Books

Lyceum Books (2)

The Augustine Level ($20/mo.)


In addition to the Lewis Level books, Augustine Level donors will receive two more texts. These texts will greatly enhance your understanding of the Lewis Level texts! Donate here. Be sure to click “make this a monthly donation.”

2020-2021 Augustine Level Books

Lyceum Books (1)

The Apostle Paul Level ($35/mo.)


In addition to all of the above books, donors at this level will receive the ESV Study Bible. This is the best Bible/commentary we have seen! It includes “20,000+ study notes, 80,000+ cross–references, 200+ charts…[and] 240 full-color maps and illustrations.” Plus, this study Bible includes introductions to every book, and over fifty scholarly articles covering topics like “The Date of the Exodus” and “The Bible and Divorce.” What an amazing resource to add to your collection! Donate here. Be sure to click “make this a monthly donation.”

esv study bible

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