Honors United States History I and II

Together, these courses facilitate a year-long, rigorous inquiry into American history through a Biblical lens. The courses are taught by an experienced, classically-trained teacher who is also an active youth coach and community group leader in his local non-denominational Protestant church (see teacher’s resume).


These asynchronous courses are delivered via Google Classroom. Roughly half of the courses are devoted to recorded video lectures while the rest of the time is devoted to Socratic discussions (with the teacher and possibly other students) on discussion boards.

While these are not official AP courses, they are taught by an experienced AP teacher and the courses are conducted at a similar level of difficulty. Students who take these courses (and do well) should be well prepared for the AP US History exam.

Book List

The Federalist Papers

Democracy in America


A Documentary History of the United States

The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

AP US History Princeton Review 2019

Links to the exact editions needed will be provided.


These courses are designed for homeschool high school students. That said, there is also an enrollment option for students currently enrolled in brick and mortar schools that would like to augment their study of American history or prepare for the AP exam. See our enrollment options below for more details.


Honors United States History I will run from 26 AUG 2019 to 20 DEC 2019.

Honors United States History II will run from 6 JAN 2020 to 24APR2020.

Enrollment Options and Costs

All of the profits derived from these courses will be devoted to advancing the ministry of Areopagus Classical Academy. 

Option 1: Graded Homeschool Student

Students enrolling in one or both courses under this option will receive weekly feedback from the teacher via Google Classroom. Students will also have a nearly daily discussion with the teacher (and possibly classmates) on online discussion boards wherein students will be challenged to interpret historical events and primary sources. Think of this as a “normal” classical high school class that happens to be delivered online. Students choosing this option will have access to weekly “office hours” (via video chat) with the teacher.

Cost: $200 per course ($400 for an entire school year of instruction and feedback).

Refund Policy: You may request a full refund up to 30 calendar days after a course start date. After 30 days no refunds will be issued.

Option 2: Ungraded Student

This option is for homeschool or brick and mortar school students who simply want access to the lectures. No feedback will be provided to students and there will be no communication between teacher and student. Note: students will not gain access to all of the lectures at once, they will gain access to a few lectures a week throughout the year. Students will lose access to the lectures in June of 2020.

Cost: $15 per course ($30 for the entire school year).

Refund Policy: No refunds

Option 3: Lectures and AP Tutoring

Students signing up for this option will gain access to all of the lectures (throughout the year as they are added). They will also receive the following:

  • Video lecture covering AP test prep grand strategy.
  • Video lecture on how to write SAQs, FRQs, and DBQs for the AP test.
  • Detailed written feedback on 2 SAQs, 2 FRQs, and 2 DBQs.
  • One live video chat (up to 30 minutes) to discuss the AP test.

Students will lose access to the lectures and any unused tutoring in June of 2020.

Cost: $100

Refund Policy: No refunds


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