Steps to Admission

  1. Give yourself a crash course in classical Christian education.
    • In addition to reading all of the material and watching the videos posted on this site, we highly recommend prospective parents purchase and read this short book.
    • Also, please ensure you are familiar with our School Launch Timeline
  2. Ensure you understand our tuition and fees.
    • We project tuition will cost about $4,500 per year ($375 per month for 12 months), but this number is not final. The first payment of $375 is due on 1 July 2021.
    • Plan on spending about $350 on books and school supplies per year.
    • We do plan on offering a few scholarships. Our heart is to offer these scholarships to the children of widows, and orphans (or those that have been adopted), but it is impossible to consider students for scholarships until we have enough paying students to launch the school.
  3. Please submit one application per student. You may access the application via this link.
  4. Please pay the non-refundable $50 Application Fee (for the first child) via this link.
    • For subsequent children from the same family, please pay an additional $25 per child via this link.
  5. Once we have reviewed your application(s) and contacted your pastoral reference, we will contact you to conduct a family interview and student testing. Do not stress out about the testing, we just want to see where your child is at (there is no testing for prospective kinder students).
  6. If your student(s) are selected for admission we will ask that you pay our non-refundable* $300 Enrollment Fee (one per family) to secure your place(es) in our school. We will send this invoice via email.

After Admission

  1. You will receive a welcome packet containing further “next steps” as well as a list of documents which must be submitted to the school (birth certificate, immunization records, etc.).
  2. Please consider purchasing and reading some of the books on classical Christian education from our bookstore.
  3. Please consider listening to the Base Camp Live podcast. This podcast is a must-listen for Christian parents!
  4. Please consider enhancing your own education by reading and or discussing books with us via our podcast or our 2020-2021 Lyceum: “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”.



*The Enrollment Fee is non-refundable. That said, we will make every effort to refund your Enrollment Fee if we do not meet the minimum number of students required to launch all of your children’s grades (for the 2021-2022 school year) by February 1, 2021. If, however, we have secured the minimum number of enrollments required to launch any of your children’s grades by February 1, 2021, no Enrollment Fee reimbursements will be considered. This is because if we have secured the minimum number of enrollments after February 1, 2021 we will begin spending this money in earnest in order to launch the school in August of 2021.