Acts of the Apostles

Lyceum members will read and (virtually) discuss the Acts of the Apostles during the Summer of 2020!

Seminar Dates: July 11th and July 25th from 8 am to 10 am (AZ Time) via Zoom

Signup will be posted in June.

There are a few ways you can join us!

  1. Your first class at Areopagus Education is free (but you do need to buy the book)! If you have not taken a class with us you may study one of the above books with us free of charge!
  2. You can purchase a Lyceum subscription for $4.99 per month. This give you (and a friend) access to our courses. You may cancel this subscription at any time, but there are no refunds once you have been billed for a given month. (Why Are We Asking For Money?)
  3. You can become a supporter of Areopagus Education at $10 per month or more. Supporters receive a Lyceum membership and books, AND you get to help us launch a school and spread classical and Christian education!

Also, please consider enhancing your 2020-2021 Lyceum experience with these books! We will not seminar them individually, but they will provide you with invaluable insights into our texts. And please keep in mind, you can receive these texts as gifts if you become a regular supporter of Areopagus Education!

Lyceum Books (1)


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